A Psychotherapy of Hope

Lloyd M Bowers, LCSW Psychotherapy Services



I am a dedicated psychotherapist with extensive experience spanning over 50 years in the area of mental health. I've worked in various settings such as corporate employee assistance programs,  community mental health, outpatient alcohol and substance abuse clinics and inpatient psychiatry.

As a person of color who has experienced the traumas and long term recovery processes of our societies ills, having responded to them responsibly I am uniquely qualified to address the therapeutic needs of many individuals. I have a cultural expertise of minority communities and address that population with a healthy empathy.

I received my formal education from Fordham University, National Institute for the Psychotherapies, Blanton Peal Graduate Institute and spiritual education from Pathways of Light Ministerial Program granting me the title of Ordained Minister. Numerous ongoing workshops and ongoing personal analysis adds to the quality of my work.